Why be an agent/ sales representative for someone else …. when you can be so much more with TTG/ Real Solution Team ?​

With Real Solution Team you will be allowed to…

TTG/ Real Solution Team will match real estate and business problems with solutions while providing a compensation program that will be unparalleled. Independent agents will be compensated not just for all the variety of services they directly provide but will also participate in a profit-sharing program that will offer them the opportunity to share in the profits from the work of the agents they recruit.

Sales agents generally and Real estate agents specifically, have a tough time. Mostly they have one shot at getting a fee from a client, primarily with little prospect of getting any residual income. They must create their income on a transactional basis. With the advent of the internet, traditional salespeople can become less needed and will become more and more underpaid. Real property affiliated sales agents will find it harder and harder to eke out a living after the likes of Google and Amazon skim a lot of the profits off the top.

One Stop Shop

What is going to have to happen is a one stop shop for an agent to provide all the real property services to a warm client on a continual and collaborative basis. Through the combined approach of having a direct marketing arm that goes out into the community either directly, or digitally, and a telemarketing crew that works closely with a CRM and email, truly little should fall through the cracks. Potential prospects can communicate with their agent in one of many ways to “wrap” up the deal. Integration and collaboration will be the keystones to successful ventures from now into the foreseeable future.
Combining synergies and equities will be the only way ventures will distinguish themselves in the markets to come. Everything is wide open and if you are not open to sharing your business, your real estate, your ideas, and or your skill set, then you will sit on the sidelines while successful collaborations leave you in the dust. At Linked Red, the light of our beacon will come from agents that seek to partner with people that have parts of a puzzle, our agents will bring the other parts together and become collaborative partners in a venture that may continue to provide ongoing profits.